November 28, 2023
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Free Fonts 2023 Make Superior Graphic Designs

Free Fonts 2023

More free fonts that you totally need to download to make 2023 a great year after all. Visit and make your design process awesome with PhotoshopDream.

I have 6 different typefaces with dozens of fonts in today’s article. I also talk about how these free fonts are for commercial use, but how you can implement them into your graphic design workflows, and I also rate each typeface out of 10. But which of these will be my favorite font?

The free fonts in today’s article made 2023 a great year for me as a graphic designer and they’re all completely free for commercial use. I’ve checked and double-checked the licenses so don’t worry. Now we’re going to rate each typeface and then look at what superpower it actually holds. You can also download 15 NEW Graphic Design Fonts Free Download

The first one is Nagoda

free fonts for designer

That starts with Nagoda. This is an Ultra-Modern Sans surf typeface, that comes in just one weight only. But what actually makes this one really modern? Well, firstly Sans serif typefaces are modern by default. But this one is slightly playful and has that quirky kind of vibe to it that is popular right now. You can see that on the lowercase “G” it’s a very bold design and it’s great for headings and titles for posters, websites, and other such graphic designs.

The superpower of this typeface is that when used with contrast it looks so clean and so bold. Say perhaps using white lettering on a black background. Now it would be awesome for getting attention on social media posts and it would look professional while doing it. This typeface gets a solid 8-10 from me. The lack of Weights does let it down a tiny little bit.

The second one is DirtyLine 36 Days of Type

best font for logo

Next up is a typeface called “DirtyLine 36 Days of Type”. This is one of the most unique typefaces I’ve ever seen before and it’s also pretty well made. We have some completely out-of-control creative letterforms mixed with some slightly more serious Sans serif characters. It’s a really weird mix but it does really look awesome and I can see it is used on specific projects.

Obviously, the intended outcome would be for more trendy anti-design. Unconventional designs and that’s where the superpower for this truly is. This typeface is so unique and so odd that it will undoubtedly get a response from your viewers. But it needs to be used in the right context and in the right situation on your designs. But it’s really good to have in your font Library. It is free for commercial use, but it has a few stipulations on the download.

This one gets a 7 out of 10 from me simply. Because it’s not going to be useful or required in a lot of situation operations. But when it is needed it’s really going to do a great job.

The third one is Satoshi

heading fot

Moving on to a well-crafted Sans serif typeface Satoshi. Now you might be aware that Satoshi refers to the so say creator of Bitcoin. With that knowledge in mind we can see how tech inspired this typeface actually is. Satoshi comes in five different ways all with italic variations, so we have 10 fonts in total. Now, this would be great for modern startup businesses or tech-related designs. Because of the wide variety of weights you could use this typeface along across a single design switching between bald and thinner weights along with italics. That is its superpower its versatility while being Ultra-Modern and Cutting Edge. To me, it’s kind of like a re-ramped and modernized Helvetica. So I have to give it a strong 9 out of 10.


The fourth one is Vollkorn

title font

Let’s look at a serif typeface Vollkorn. This one is a lot like the previous example, we just looked at but instead of being a Sans serif, it’s a serif. Now we have large scope for diversity with 12 fonts and six different weights. These are all shown in elegant and legible serif letterforms. Vollkorn would be great by itself, maybe a bold version for a title and a regular or light version for body text. Or it could just be paired up with a Sans surf typeface to work in contrast.

Now the superpower for this one is that it’s flexible and diverse much like Satoshi and it’s highly legible. As far as Sarah’s typefaces go I’m going to give this one a pretty strong 8 out of 10.

The fifth one is Uncut Sans

modern font

Uncut Sans is the next typeface to download and this one comes with 9 different font files. It’s a clean Sans serif, but it’s also leaning more towards futurism and sci-fi whilst remaining modern of course. This one is especially good for both titles and headings on designs that are not traditional and Venture into the forward-thinking creative style. But the superpower this one has however is that it’s an open-source licensed typeface.

This means we can download it, change it, alter it send it to whoever we want, and do whatever you want with it. To me, open-source typefaces allow for True Innovation and advancement for the graphic design space. So a big thank you to creators out there who do make things like uncut Sans and open source downloads. It’s highly usable and highly versatile. So I’m gonna give it 8.5 out of 10.

The sixth one is Neutral Face

free fonts

Neutral Face is the next typeface in today’s article and this one is a Sans serif that you really want to download and add into your library. This one comes in two different weights regular and bold. Neutral Face is all about attention and impact because it’s only presented in uppercase letterforms. However, it isn’t too bold or too overpowering and this means you can use it on headings and titles or even logo designs without seeming too loud and obnoxious.

The typeface style is also really modern which is something I do love. Now the superpower here is being a great choice for headings and titles without being over the top. It’s a more sophisticated way of getting attention. I would like to see a few more weights, so it’s going to get 8 out of 10 from me. But I guess it’s free so you can’t really complain about that and if you ever get a chance to donate to some of the creators of these wonderful typefaces. Maybe consider splashing out some cash to thank them for what they’ve been doing to the design Community.

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