September 22, 2023
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15 NEW Graphic Design Fonts Free Download

Graphic Design Fonts

If you want 15 NEW Graphic Design Fonts Free to Download you can. Perfect for graphic design projects, today’s post is showing you 15 fonts across 7 typefaces. But also how to properly use them on your graphic designs.

I really enjoy making these posts where I display screenshots in full force. And show how these free fonts can be downloaded and then used as a graphic designer. In this post, we look at some new sans serif fonts, serif fonts, and even more decorative and experimental fonts. All of which can be used on your designs as titles, body text, and focal points on things like poster designs.

I love finding new fonts, and I know you guys do too. So give these a consideration, a download, and then potentially add them into your font library and use them on your graphic designs.

If you found today’s post on new free for commercial-use fonts enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section.

I found some new and amazing fonts that will slide perfectly into graphic design projects.

Now first up a bold and modern sans-serif typeface is Hanson. Hansen comes for free, in the form of Hanson Bold. It’s a strong modern and trendy font. Now, this would work really great for Posters, Titles for Websites. Importantly this would work really well for Social Media Marketing, depending on who your target audience is of course.

One real-life example would be the more urban clothing brand boohoo as they do typically use this kind of typeface in the marketing. But do you fancy something a little more unconventional?

best free fonts for graphic design

The next typeface is DT Random Display Font will actually for sure add a quirky touch to your graphic designs. This one would work really well on posters possibly as a focal point or something along those lines.

I can actually imagine using this one on urban posters or posters aimed at the younger generations. The random display does seem like the kind of font you’d use on a brutalist or anti-design type of project.

The next typeface is Senilità. Senilità is a typeface that seems to have a logo design theory incorporated into the construction process. You take a look at the curved form on the A and the N.

new fonts

It appears like circular grids have been applied to this font creation. Senilità would be awesome again for posters and websites and it could actually come across as slightly retro. This one might be difficult to use on more modern designs or ones trying to target more serious audiences. And that’s due to its kind of playful nature.

Next up is a lovely typeface that has many many uses Canava Grotesque. That’s not to be confused with the design tool Canva. Is a very clean and minimal sans-serif typeface. Now it can be easily used for body texts on websites. And it can be used across the main logotype and also taglines. As well as Headings or Titles for designs too. It’s available in both regular and italics and it isn’t that bold. Considering it’s not that bold and thick, it should be used in designs that are not trying to make a loud impact.

new free fonts

For example, this would be really good for modern and exclusive fashion brands. And that goes for the logo and also the branding.

The next typeface is Uncut Sans. Uncut Sans is quite similar to the previous example. But this typeface comes in eight different options and it’s a little less serious in appearance. Uncut Sans is quite reminiscent of something like Helvetica. And if you take that into consideration you’d look to use this for design projects. Where you want to communicate modern and forward-thinking messages or a design. That requires a clean and a simple typography solution. If you’re asking me I really like this one on body text as well.

The next typeface is something that I for sure can’t pronounce properly. But I’m going to give it my best. A serif typeface Tiro Gurmiki. This gem of a typeface is one of the newest options that you can download from google fonts. It’s a very clean and elegant serif typeface available in italic and regular. This one obviously would work well in designs that are serious. Or designs where you just want to send a message of luxury and importance. Things that spring to mind could be things like Perfume Branding, possibly Financial Sector Branding or just body text for magazines. But of course the titles as well.

Below are New Graphic Design Fonts List

The letter forms on this are so well crafted it’s a serif typeface that you’d be happy to own as a graphic designer. And I personally really like the bull terminals only number three and five. Something that really adds an elegant touch.

The next typeface is Gemsbuck Black. We’re now heading back into the more trendy and modern zones with Gemsbuck Black. This font is really quite stretched out and it does make a big presence. It would work really well on sci-fi designs urban designs. Again kind of any marketing aimed at those younger generations out there. There’s also a thinner version of this typeface. Out of today’s gems which ones are going to find their way into your font library?

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