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56 Best Fonts For Graphic Design Free For Commercial Use

Fonts For Graphic Design

10 typefaces and 56 best fonts for graphic design. All of which are free for commercial use and which are going to make your clients smile. Learn what they are and how to use them in today’s post.

Today’s post is another entry into the library of posts based on free for commercial use fonts. As graphic designers, we all love free fonts and exploring new typefaces. I’m sure you will agree with me on that one. And so as a fellow graphic designer who loves free fonts, I’ve gathered yet more gems and neat examples of just that, FREE FONTS. You Can Also Free Download FREE Fonts For Typography Trends 2022

Number 01: Copenhagen Grotesque Nova 2019

designer font pack download free

This is an improved version of a 2015 typeface. It’s a very clean and very refined sans serif solution with moderate ascenders and descenders. It’s one of those typefaces that you can use on body texts, but also very easily on main headings too. It will just simply look good in most instances. But like I would say at the very end there is a time and a place for every typeface.

Number 02: Spartan

A family download of spartan which comes in seven different fonts. Now Spartan MB is another improved design this time from the original league Spartan. League spartan was only available in one weight bold. However, now we have seven fonts and some slight adjustments. This is for another very clean and very easy to use sans serif solution. It’s a must to download for things like branding logo designing and also print design in general.

Number 03: Alegre Sans

free fonts for commercial use

Alegre is a lovely condensed typeface that is awesome for Headings, Titles and also more traditional work. Now I’ve got a nice group of these typefaces along with Bebas, Oswald, and a few others. This one here today is going to go right into that collection. However, it’s available in just one weight but still it’s a true gem. I could easily see this on an advert for Bacardi or tequila. it just has that traditional refined look.

Number 04: Merriweather

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Meriwether is a google font creation that is one of the cleanest. And easiest to use serif typefaces out there and that’s of course for free. Coming in at eight font choices we have a lot of scopes open to us as designers when using this typeface. Now we would look great for the main body text on a magazine or even the heading of a magazine cover. Also, the logotype of more serious and prestigious brands would possibly work well with the solution.

Number 05: Kollektif

free fonts download

Kollektif spelt with a K is the next typeface and this is truly an awesome find. Coming in at four different font solutions Kollektif looks trendy modern and also sleek. It would be great for designs that want to express those emotions on things. Like posters, magazines or maybe even logos for possible tech startups.

Number 06: Orkney

Orkney is another obscure find that I doubt many people have heard about before. It’s an open-source and geometric typeface designed with clarity and legibility in mind. And it was created by Samuel oaks. The goal in creating a typeface was to have a unique yet functional typeface. That can be used for a wide variety of projects on print and screen. It comes in eight different font downloads as the family.

Number 07: Dihjauti

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Another family with eight fonts Dihjauti. Probably saying that wrong but let’s move on. This is a stunningly good serif font family which oozes class and sophistication. This can only be used on designs that want to express everything luxurious, important and expensive. Although it does actually have broad counters and spacings which does temper it and give it warmth. This makes it comfortable and well suited for longer texts. But also it can be used on short headings as well. Basically, this thing is very versatile, especially considering there are eight fonts to play with.

Number 08: Cooper Hewitt

A Cooper Hewitt is another open typeface download. It’s a contemporary sans-serif design with characters composed of modified geometric curves and arches. Initially, it was commissioned by Pentagram to evolve his Polaris Condensed typeface. Chester Jenkins created a new digital form to support the newly transformed design. With 14 fonts to play with here there is a lot of scope for us on our designs.

Number 09: Gerbil Sans

best free fonts for graphic design

Now, something completely different durable sans is a cool little typeface that’s modern and trendy. The style of this typeface is playful and it correlates with current design trends. That being more brutalist and experimental. There are huge differences in the thickness of the letter forms. Even areas such as on the lowercase are where there is large gaps of negative space. There is a time and a place for this kind of typeface. That would be on headings or titles for designs trying to capture current design trends. Possibly like a bold and bright poster for example.

Number 10: Paragon

Paragon is a lovely serif typeface with beautifully crafted ball terminals. It’s a modern vintage style serif a kind of revival of a typeface designed in 1935 by Chauncey h Griffith. The characters are intended to be printed in small sizes on newspapers and to remain legible despite poor-quality printing. So you can use this easily for body text. But also possibly for headings too. But like with any design make sure it expresses the right message that you want to capture in your design.

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