September 30, 2023
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6 AWESOME Font Pairings For Graphic Design

Are you looking for some AWESOME font pairs to use on your next graphic design projects? Today I’ve got 6 font or typeface pairs that I’m using right now, and also which other graphic designers are really digging.

The font pairings are made up of serif fonts, sans serif fonts, and also a few slab serifs as well. A couple of the font pairs even utilise just one font family and typeface, but the pairings work so well together. Also, all of the fonts are free to download. You Can Also Download Ultimate Free Design Resources (Every Designer Need)

Are you finding it difficult to pair up fonts on your designs? or perhaps you’re looking for some fresh and some new font combinations. So let’s get starts.

01: Anek and Aileron

The first really useful font or shall I say typeface combo is a Anek matched up with Aileron. Now you’ve probably heard of Elrond before. Thumbs up to those designers who have been rocking this gem already on your designs. But when it comes to pairing Aileron up with a Anek. This is how I personally like to use it as a designer.

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I think a Anek is a great standalone typeface for headings and things like that. It has so many weights and styles on offer. I like to use the standard bold variant of it or maybe even a Anek bolt expanded. Then paired up nicely with Aileron as the small body text perhaps as Aileron regular or medium. This combination is a real game changer and it works best on Modern kind of graphic designs. The expanded styles that a Anek offers allow for a more experimental kind of approach on our designs.

02: Roboto Slab and Mulish

Let’s slap some slabs onto Roboto and bring onto the stage the font family Roboto Slab. Which is going to be paired up with mulish. Now this pair is better for more serious sort of graphic designs and design Solutions. It fits really well into those kind of informative style designs. Now I love to use Roboto Slab bold or extra bold as the heading or top level hierarchy typography. Then I bring mulish to use for the subheadings or body text.

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Together they look really professional I’m sure you’re going to agree. Some would say a match made in heaven and this sort of pairing would work really well for certain websites landing pages posters and infographics. Mainly ones that are kind of high brow and informative.

03: Lora

The next font combination only uses one typeface and that is Laura. Laura is such a beautifully crafted and well thought out serif typeface. Like everything today it is free for commercial use. Now here’s a really great tip to keep in mind when you’re using these fonts. Often when we look to try and pair up fonts together it’s a great idea to stay within a single font family. Laura has a variety of different weights and styles. So we can actually play around with combinations of these styles. Also, in thinking of things like size and color.

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Now Laura is a Sarah of typeface so of course you’d expect to use this on more serious designs. However, another use could be an aggressive form of irony on the kind of anti-design poster or something like that. Now tell me who doesn’t like a bit of anti-design now and again.

04: Open Sans and Oswald

Next a tried and highly tested combination of Oswald and Open Sans. Oswald being so narrow and so dominating would be a great choice for headings. Then Open Sans can pick up the slack and fill in the blanks by being the body text or subheadings.

This is another great choice for posters and websites. Simply, because Oswald is just so hard hitting.

05: Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans

Now the next font combination I’ve been using quite a lot this year is actually Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans Serif. You heard correctly both a serif and a Sans serif version of the same typeface. This is a really interesting pair because I love Liberation Sands in bold as a heading or main topography or perhaps a focal point. Now of course it does depend on the brief and the project you’re working on.

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But I like how strong and how robust it is and it’s a little bit expanded as well but just not too much. Liberation serif offers a good and clean italic style that, I think can actually work really well with this. Of course you can also switch things around so Liberation serif is the main topography with the sans-serif style forming the backup. It’s just a really solid and handy font combination that you should be aware of. A sort of hidden trick or upshot about this pair is that they’re going to appear next to each other in your font book. That’s simply because their names are identical of course and so they’re just really easy to locate in a quick instant.

Kaluna is in a similar situation to Liberation and that’s where we have kaluna regular which is a serif typeface and then Calluna Sans. kaluna serif is a pretty epic and a pretty serious typeface. It only comes in one way to style. Calluna Sans however comes in four, so there’s obviously a lot more scope for experimentation with the Sans Serif option. But again of course this pair can work together in the right situation.

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