July 23, 2024
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45 Best Modern Free Commercial Use Fonts

Modern Free Commercial Use Fonts

If you’ve stumbled across today’s post then you’re in luck because I have 45 Best Modern Free Commercial Use Fonts-all displayed on stunning designs.

The first typeface is ZZYZX which is one of the most interesting typeface names out there. This typeface comes in only one font, but the tool and the clean nature of this modern design is something every designer should have in the font library.

free modern fonts

This single font would be great for headings titles and also subtitles, and it also has a slab serif I thrown into the mix as well. Now, this font is easily downloaded from dafont.com and it’s free for commercial use of course. I know you will want free for commercial use fonts like everybody else out there.

Next up on our journey through 45 modern fonts is IKAROS. Which has a low down crossbar on the ar and so on which gives this kind of sleek look.

free modern fonts for photoshop

This typeface is again something great for bold headings or titles. It could be used for such designs as seen here on this social media page. IKAROS comes in both upper and lowercase letter forms. Also, those numerical values that we all need as graphic designers. Please allow me to introduce you to intro the typeface that contains 32 fonts within its entire family. You Can Also Free Download: 70+ Best Signature Font and Script Font Download

free commercial use fonts

Now, I had a lot of fun using this font family to create designs. As you can see on this webpage mock-up that I’ve made. It’s so versatile and it’s so easy to use across the board and that’s mainly due to there being 32 different font weights or styles. The intro is again free to download and you can see the fonts within the family as seen here.

But what about the next typeface in today’s post. You really don’t want to miss this one because we’re going from the Intro into Inter. This is a beautiful and modern sans-serif typeface that has some of the most well-rounded numbers that you’re ever gonna find. Now this typeface can be used on headings, titles-subtitles, and even body text. It is versatile just like the previous typeface intro.

best free commercial use fonts

Now I don’t know about you guys, but when I get a piece of typography you know right really well done on my design. It does feel so good and that’s one reason I love hunting for new fonts.

Next up we have Kano which is quite an interesting and unique typeface. This one can come across as superior and important. And it’s something that would be used on say a high-end fashion design quite easily. The thing about the canon typeface is that it’s only available in one font.

But that’s just fine because it’s so neat and it’s so unique. When you go to download it you have to give up your email address.

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I personally have a separate kind of dummy email account for doing things like this. So I never get spam emails interfering with my day-to-day activities.

Dense is another narrow-san serif modern typeface. And it’s one of those styles that would fit great on movie posters sci-fi designs or just anything typically modern. I do actually collect these narrow-tall sans-serif typefaces. Because I do like them a whole lot especially for their numbers.

There is of course a time and a place for every single typeface out there. Maybe not comic sans though I don’t know about that one. Heading over to the download section it’s obvious that again this typeface is free for commercial use and you can grab it right now.


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